COMODO Programs Manager 1.2 build 106 Public Release


We are happy to announce that Comodo Programs Manager 1.2 build 106 has been released to the public.

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Uninstall any program
Completely removes any monitored application on your computer. After you uninstall a program this feature will search for any references in your computer registry and files. Any remains will be deleted.

Uninstall applications using a database
Completely removes any traces of an application installed prior the Comodo Programs Manager installation using a central database.

Make a self extracting Installable Package from a monitored program
By using the information from the monitoring system, Comodo Programs Manager is able to combine into a self-extracting archive all the data needed for redeployment on a similar machine.

Using this feature you can uninstall multiple applications fast and safe.

Manage windows features
Instant access to add or remove windows components / features.

Uninstall drivers & services
You have the possibility to safely uninstall unwanted drivers or services from your computer.

Manage windows updates
Windows updates module lets you manage windows updates on your computer.

Force delete of locked (in use) files and registry entries
Opened handles on various used files on your system can cause problems. To bypass this and safely delete any file that a installed program uses, we make sure they will be deleted at system restart.

Makes a backup using Comodo Backup before uninstalling applications, drivers and services that can be easily restored.

Customized settings for backup
To protect your information any backup can have password protection, compression and cryptography.

Real-time scan for malware infected setups (uses the malware detection engine from Comodo Cloud Scanner)
To ensure that your computer stays safe, every time a setup is started, it is also side-checked for malware using our cloud technology.

Language pack updates (Romanian, Estonian, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Polish)

Command Line Parameters for the Self Extracting Package
Run SFX scripts without any user intervention.

Force Uninstall option
Offers the possibility of uninstalling applications with broken uninstallers.

Enhanced Log
Logging capabilities for installed applications and deleted entries.

Runtime language change
Ability to change the language in real-time.

Add Comodo Programs Manager in Control Panel
A good replacement of Add or Remove Programs & Programs and Features (for Windows Vista or Later).

Social Integration
Share with friends, recommend COMODO and see which friends are using COMODO Programs Manager.

Enhanced Feedback
Allow users to post their views, comments and suggestions about Comodo Programs Manager.


Active monitor
This is a monitoring engine that detects setups and actively keeps track of any changes made to the system. This is achieved in real-time and stores information from detected setups.

Added shell integration (for .exe & .msi files) for manual run & monitor
In the event a setup is not detected or when the automatic detections is off, you are able to right click a setup (.exe or .msi) and install & monitor it, thus making sure that it will be removed safely.

Improved the storage file system (disk-performance)
By modifying the internal storage system and storage search algorithms, increased disk-performance is achieved.

Increased efficiency of the monitoring system (less CPU usage)
By improving the algorithms used, we make sure a false-positive ratio in the setup detection is kept to a bare minimum.

General tweaks, GUI improvements, fixes and optimizations.


  • Random BSODs.
  • CPM problem with automatic windows updates.
  • Installer detection issues.
  • Monitoring issues.
    -Uninstall using database issues.
  • GUI issues.


  • “Restore Backup” and restore from SFX may have some issues for some applications.
  • Some issue regarding Available Windows Updates detection.
  • Issue with detecting updates for some applications.


Please use Comodo Forum to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 11.2 MB (11,748,880 bytes)
MD5: aeed033c01ae5949d77a5cf40914796a
SHA1: adc29bc4688bc01e9d02fb78088a575603819ea3

WOO congratulations on the new release

is it ok to install the new version over the old beta? or should uninstall the beta first

Any of the options described is ok.


(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

Congratulations with the release guys. (:CLP)

excellent work guys!

Awesome! :smiley:

:BNC (:CLP) (:LOV)


Works fine so far on my Windows 7 64 bit .

Had The Beta Installed and this sucked the life out of my laptop , but this stable version runs smoothly on my win 7 64 bit laptop…thanks for this comodo team :-TU :a0 ;D

On older versions I am sure you could pick to do a complete uninstall or run the standard uninstall of monitored applications, but this build seems like you can only run a complete uninstall??


In this version the standard uninstall is called in the complete uninstall process unless the ‘Force Uninstall’ option is checked from the Settings Tab.
Thank you.

does this version automatically monitor programs i install even if i don’t have cpm running or do i still have to right click the setup file and choose to monitor setup with cpm for the install to be monitored?

also can cpm monitor addon installs for browsers?

if cpm can monitor addon installs for browsers do i have to manually monitor it or does cpm do it automatically even if cpm isn’t running?

It will monitor all installs even if you don’t right-click. That is why it always has a service running.

I guess it depends on what sort of add-ons you’re talking about. It doesn’t monitor extension installations, but it does monitor plugins like Flash player.

But when you get something like this (see attached) you can’t just run standard installer you have to uninstall all the programs or bypass CPM all together and uninstall it using control panel.

[attachment deleted by admin]

in this case i wish we had the option to use the DB to uninstall if its available

There is an option to add CPM in Control Panel. But I would like to see it the KillSwitch way, i.e Replace Add/Remove with CPM. Is it possible?


Revo Uninstaller better then CMP?