Comodo program translations

Hello Melih,

There are some questions coming back monthly which are the same, this is one of them: When will you translate x comodo program?

Right now i know that CFP3 translation can begin at the end of the year or after 2007. What is with the other products? Backup, Cavs, I-Vault, verification Engine, etc. When - if - will you make it avaiable for translators? Do you have any plans for that or you are organizing all your man power for CFP3?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


very good question :slight_smile:

The way we have built the CPF v3 architecture, translating into other languages is very easy. Once CPF v3 is out as a general release, this architecture will be provided to other products so that translation will be easy for those too.


Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:


Yeah it would be good for eveyone: The end-user would be able to use it, which therefore leads to protecting the world
Comodo would be better respected for putting so much time and effort into their products.

You said it’ll be easy, what kind of files will CPF3 be using?
I think that .lng-files is easy to use, you just go to options and choose what .lng file you want to use.
You don’t need any computer experience to edit them. Only thing you’ll need is notepad and knowledge of translating from english to your native language. Also, I’d be happy to do some translating for Comodo’s produtcs :wink:


Thanks Ragwing

as soon as we have the final, we will start the translation work.


I would love to help translate!

Did you start the translation work?

I want to know WHY the Comodo updates include foreign (to me!) languages that I’m not interested in having bloat my hard drive and system resources(?). WHY doesn’t Comodo look at some preferences indicating what language the computer OS is using to only download the desired or used language? At least provide a option to go select amongst the languages a user might desire if a multi-use computer or multi-lang users computer BUT don’t just bloat my system with languages I DON’T use!!!

the extra languages files do not take alot of space, maybe a few MB, which don’t bloat your OS; it doesn’t slow down the system. CIS does detect which language the OS has and automatically selects the right one, if it’s there.

hello Valentin N,

I appreciate how you feel that a few MB’s of such language files aren’t taking up that much space, however, when you take into account that so many applications are doing this that it incrementally adds up to a lot of space that for many people will never be utilized and it just keeps on being added as more languages are translated.

I believe my Windows XP Home has a setting indicating it’s an English installation and yet even they keep providing updates with other language files and themes that I don’t utilize. The recent Comodo upgrade had two language updates that included, I believe, Hungarian and Polish files so there doesn’t seem to be any effort by the Comodo update software to discern whether my system is for an English based user or other and leave out those unrequested or undesired language files.

I’d like Comodo to be more conscientious and offer more user choices about such aspects and features instead of just blanket pushing them across regardless in their updates. Sure, it’s a bit of extra work, but once in place, such functionality can be applied to all future updates, etc. Is it wrong to want higher standards or choices proffered instead of just assuming that one size fits all or that it’s easier for the developers to lump everything into a single release even if components aren’t useful to all recipients?

Anyways, thanks for your response and have a good week.