comodo program manager for 2014?

any chance comodo program manager will go back into development?

Just tried CPM recently, the idea is good.

However, there are some big issues :

1- It’s always monitoring, so when a software installs itself and Microsoft’s VC REDIST … CPM wants to uninstall everything

2- same thing happens if you install 2 programs at a time … CPM will uninstall both (although I know it’s not recommend)

Better up the uninstall utility, which is the only reason to install CPM, which by the way does a good job.



+1, CPM had been very useful but now it doesn’t work in Win8 :frowning:

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Its been a while since the latest beta version. Please continue developing this great software.
Even with some bugs, its still the best uninstaller i know of.

Hear here!!!


I still have running on all my machines, and yes in some instances it either fails or it wants to uninstall something else as dougnukem said, but when it works it’s far superior to built-in Windows uninstall, or any competing methods that I have found.

I would be nice if COMODO at least, when it abruptly discontinues products like this, would give us users an explanation as to “why”!?!?!?! It certainly dis-inspires confidence in this particular board, and in COMODO in general!


As far as we know it is still not discontinued…

I would imagine it to stay discontinued.
Discontinued Products - Comodo Programs Manager - CPM

yes discontinued but why is it discontinued? such a good product and smart approach to uninstalling

Hi finn1313,
Sorry I do not know ‘why’, I guess we need a reply from Staff for a definite answer.

Did EricJH answer above “As far as we know it is still not discontinued…” represent the ‘Staff’ answer? the word ‘we’ is in it stands for authority on the matter?

These are the most recent quotes from Melih about CTM:

That being said. Captainstick’s opinion is as valid as mine. Comodo usually does not announce when products are discontinued making it hard to gauge for everybody what exactly is happening… :-\

Psst I’m not sure if you know this or not, but this is about Comodo Program Manager not Comodo Time Machine. :wink:

Comodo will focus its other products that about security. I will give you a secret…

next discontinued product is…Comodo Ice Dragon… :wink: tell no one !ot!
(because next release is perfunctory, I think )

Ooops, my bad here…

You are only human Eric. :slight_smile:

I see no evidence to back up the above claim.
One update delay does not mean CID has contracted some terminal disease.
Please stay on topic, thank you.

I already said my claim is !ot!

My interest in CPM includes its use wrt “security”. At least, what I particularly like about it is that I can sort my installed (and updated) programs by date AND TIME each was installed-or-updated. I can then refer to this sorted list if I encounter any oddities/anomalies wrt my Windows operation.

By knowing the date a piece of software was installed, this can often times correlate with date/time files and folders were installed as well i.e. I can learn what the culprit was.

Maybe there are other software(s) that take note of this but I don’t know of any.

maybe any new something takes CPM’s place

Comodo Unite >> TrustConnect

Comodo System Cleaner >> PC Tune-up

The last time i used CPM and looked into it, it was set up to “scan” programs as you downloaded them onto your machine, which between this, and the uninstall feature would be a great addition to any security set up… So hopefully they will reconsider the discontinued part…