Comodo Program Manager Crashes When Uninstalling Context Menu Enhancer


I have a problem with CPM crashing whenever I try to uninstall the allegedly, Partially Installed, Context Menu Enhancer.

I think I had tried to uninstall it before and thought it was uninstalled, but CPM still detects it and shows it as a Partially Installed Application, and when I try to uninstall it with CPM, it crashes with the error:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
This application has requested the Runtime terminate in an unusual way.

I have provided two screenshots.

The Context Menu Enhancer does not show up in the Windows 7 Program Manager, just in CPM; and CPM crashes everytime I try to uninstall the Context Menu Enhancer.

I am just wondering what I should do about it and/or is this a bug that the Comodo team will have to fix?

Do you think it could something to do with Windows Data Execution Prevention (DEP)?

I may experiment with that once I get some suggestions from the Comodo team first.

By the way, I think I downloaded the Context Menu Enhancer from CNET but I am not sure, when I installed it, it did not seem to show up anywhere on my computer or would not open; so I uninstalled it with CPM or so I thought, it may have crashed during the uninstall but I can not remember.

I have used Comodo System Cleaner and CCleaner, but I still get the crash each time.


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