Comodo products version number shown on website

My opinion is that it would be more useful and easier for the end user if the current version number (e.g. “COMODO Antivirus 5.10.228257”) of each product would always be shown directly below the download button or somewhere in the download page. I think it would be easier to track product updates, especially for those with limited or no internet access to their computers.

For example, at address:

Comodo Antivirus | Free Antivirus Software Download 2022

(which is comodo antivirus homepage - redirected from after clicking Home&Home Office → Comodo Antivirus), the current version number could be displayed in that page.

I am suggesting that because I have seen a number of times that the “version history” lists in that webpage are somehow confusing.

For example, at the bottom of the above page it says:
Release Date: January 23, 2012

But if you click on “release notes”, this is what you see:
5.10.228257.2253: 12 March, 2012 (latest version)

So, the 23.01.2012 release is one line behind, not being the latest.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

+MD5, SHA1.


With version 6, I am still confused with the version numbers :embarassed:
A few weeks ago I installed Comodo Internet Security (free) v6.0 on my Win7 PC. The exact version I have now is 6.0.264710.2708. This morning I received an update notification. As the notification did not contain any version number nor any information on enhancements or other changes, I did not accept to continue the update. I wanted to check first for more info on Comodo web site. But here I find the latest version as 6.0.2600739.2674, which means an earlier version than mine ! Strange !
Could somebody tell me what is the latest version number ?

2708 is the latest version. The page with Release Notes is not always up to date.

The program updater will also update the Trusted Software Vendor list. Did you remove vendors from that list? With v5 that would cause a software update alert.

The following page appears to be a little more accurate.
Version 6.0.264710.2708 release notes

That makes a third page.

I found two different pages on the first two results of a Google query. One gave Releases Notes for all from CIS 3.9 to CIS 5.12 with nice UI, the other gave CFP 3.0 until 5.12 Notepad style. After these two I gave up… :smiley:

As a workaround for now, I visit the official website, and download the product (CIS) from there. >:-D Also, I manually check for updates inside the program (which by the way, since version 6, it checks both for signature and for product updates, in a better integrated update environment).

However, an accurate version number shown on the website (next to the download button) would be nice. And the versioning scheme could also be simplified 8).

Maybe someday, COMODO will shift to another, better versioning scheme.

Apart from this, I have nothing to “complain” about, this product is doing its job extremely well. :-TU