Comodo products to install with Comodo Firewall and non-redundant?

Seem dumb but Comodo products to install with Comodo Firewall when u want to have all non-redundant software? For example, Comodo Firewall Pro has Comodo Mem Firewall? Which is redundant Comodo Anti-virus or Comodo Malware. Basically, what Comodo product to install with Comodo Firewall and non-redundant?

I admire Comodo designing software under one umbrella to cater to all users need but it could be easier for people who want only Comodo products in decision making. Am I to assume that Mem Firewall included in Comodo Firewall Pro? Am I going to search thru the forum and be confuse. Fine, I look thru the forum and find the answer. What about the other and other user? Is this the way to encourage non-tech the chance to be branded with all Comodo product line?. Just this oversight can reduce the potential user base. What I am suggesting is a must read link for those who want Comodo’s products to install that are non-redundant Product subset or overlap.

I meant to post this 3 weeks ago with Melih but had posting problem. Then did test posting to see if I can post. I can post but frustrated I have to repost. My cut and paste save in notebook got accidentally erase. I did try researching 3 weeks ago. It says malware would be the thing to beat but am I to assume that if I have Comodo malware then I do not need Comodo anti-virus?
Normally, they are separate products and u install Comodo Malware and Comodo Anti-virus. I have no idea of included subsets for C Pro 3, C mem firewall, C mal, C anti-virus. C verification engine. By having this suggested one read link, user would have the chance to discover and know Comodo. First, I know about C firewall, then discover anti virus etc, then discover anti-spam, and C verification engine. I am a lucky user to discover all these products at your site but due to going Home and visiting your site 3 times.

I like heuristic anti-virus and that is why I use Avira and would like to be bold to have only your product but I cannot find review comparison of your anti-virus. This question is a problem for it is recommended to have only one anti-virus. So, I choose Avira with Comodo Malware.

I did uninstall of Comodo Firewall and Vista security center complaining I have 2 firewalls on. I know u will eventually provide a clean uninstall to users. Have use ZA and I forgot my password and had fun with regedit. Guess, I will again and I did see a Comodo uninstall posting. Oh, Comodo Firewall had better reviews than free ZA and I am neutral promoter-do good research to appreciate your product.

Tx for taking the time to read and to respond.

PS: Vettetech, see u on the ball for I am just editing while u post. Tx for stating mem firewall not subset of C firewall pro 3. Forgot my research on how bad mem leak are but Threatfire, noscript , smart usage will keep me 80% safe. Sandbox nasty sites with manual runs. Hate being force to have IE for vista update.
Will post a reply in next few days. Tx again for doing a good job.

Memory firewall is not part of Comodo firewall and you can use it along with the firewall but I dont. As far as the other Comodo products BOClean is good but if you have a good av no need for it. I run Comodo 3.0 along side Avira Premium and it keeps me well safe and sound.

I operate a lot of concurrent programs hogging a gb+ of memory…if you’re like me I highly recommend CMF. It uses almost no resources and adds a little extra peace of mind.

Same here…CFP3, CMF, BOclean, Virtual Engine, Avira PE Premium in real time (no conflicts). Sandboxie, DefenseWall and/or Returnil on demand as needed.

Same here...CFP3, CMF, BOclean, Virtual Engine, Avira PE Premium in real time (no conflicts :BNC). Sandboxie, DefenseWall and/or Returnil on demand as needed.

Tx Vettetech, Secureme, and Comofo for your replies and mentioning what they have on there system. Base on these replies and especially comofo, each Comodo product is it own subset (ie no overlap or redundancy and reminder comodo design with efficient use of resources). I can also conclude that comodo anti-virus needs time to establish trust and to acquire reviews.

Requested 2gb mem, 12 cell battery, and no vista HP in Oct. I do lots of installs and I simplify concurrent program running due to my impatient for start-up. Eventually would use flash drive for boot-up (read 2gb min but only have several under 1gb). We seem to have similar security setup for defense wall similar to threatfire, returnil (tx for intro that virtual sys, ms free version I cannot dwnld months ago due to I using vista premium and one grade below ulitmate, bus, etc but I compensate by using drive imaging onto backup hd). Please do not ask why Vista hype for security and they do not provide virtual in premium and meaning of premium. Have not tested restore from my drive imaging. Would like to get rid of this laptop for I am thinking I need n even thou n is too new to acess wifi but wifi important to me. Vista came with laptop.

Since Ms defender is a malware protector and resource hog. User turn-off ms defender and rely on BoClean?? If I have to have both on then I am not that paranoid for I rely on my demand stuff. If i have to disable ms defender then what the use of having it install and luckily today not drain on resources. It would be nice to know how BOclean stands up to ms defender. I disable outlook messenger and provide my privacy to data mining email providers. Have not reread Comodo email policy but refer to the top 3. I disable auto-update but rely on I updating and secunia on my weakness.

Tx to all for reading and sharing.

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