Comodo processes not verified in Process Explorer

Why aren’t Comodo processes (cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe) listed as “verified” in sysinternals’ Process Explorer? I have CFP installed. Thanks.

I am stumped but does it really matter.

IMO it does matter because I should be able to see that the Comodo I am running (which is a major component of my security) has come from a reliable source and is indeed the real deal.
To give an example, a lot of malware try to disguise themselves as coming from MS, but to know for sure you need a digital signature.

Not trying to assign blame here, I just think that these two excellent pieces of software should be able to work together better.


I have this problem too. Maybe it’s worth asking Microsoft about it or the team that develops PE.


So Comodo is digitally signed, but PE can’t see it? I’ll ask on sysinternals.

Prob a FP in the prog.

Good idea…



CFP 3 is digitally signed. If you want to verify this, open CFP 3 and go to Defense+Common TasksMy Trusted Software Vendors. Then click AddRead from a running process and choose cfp.exe. You should get an alert that Comodo CA Limited already is added.
I think Process Explorer can’t read the digital signature because cfp.exe is compressed by PECompact 2.


Good to know. I’ll bring it up over at their forum. Thanks!

Wait, would that also explain why cmdagent is unverified? It isn’t packed.

Also why does the version tab in cfp.exe properties show and “About” in the firewall shows

Comodo v3.00.0022.0222 is able to be verified by Process Explorer.