Comodo problem with Bittornado and ABC


I don’t know how to configure comodo with bittorent and ABC

for bittornado teh circle icon stays on yellow and don’t turn green
teh same is for ABC it stays brown and don’t turn to green too

I did defined a new trusted application for both of these programs and i don’t have a speed problem cause both of these programs are fast on my cable connection but then why re these 2 programs icons are not to green ?

for bittornado when i clcik on network control rule i have these settings:

action : allow
protocol : IP
direction in/out
description : allow all requests
source address : any
destination address : any
ip protocol : any

with that configuration why the icon won’t turn to green ?? (for both ABC and bittornado)

if that configuration isn’t correct would you be kind enough to tell me how to configure it properly ?

Thank you for helping the newbie taht i am :-\

I also have problems with Emule the icon is yellow instead of green :frowning:

You need to setup global rules. When you first instaler comodo it asks if you use p2p applications and both of you must of pressed no.

To put p2p mode on follow these instructions.

  1. Open comodo by double clicking the tray icon.

  2. Goto the firewall tab.

  3. Click “Stealth Ports Wizard”.

  4. Click the middle option “Alert me to incoming connections”.

  5. Now Finish.

  6. Close your p2p applications now and re-open them. You should now get an alert for these applications.