Comodo Pro taking A LOT longer to turn on during sign in.

I sign into my profile and the Comodo firewall takes so long to start up that windows has the notification pop up saying its turned off for at least 2 mins before it activates. Has anyone else had this problem? >:( >:(

I noticed it takes just a bit longer than 2.3 ver

Is it ok to have the XP firewall on as well? Just for back up?

I’ve read somewhere in this forum that it works even with XP firewall, but I’ve also read on other forums that 2 firewalls is a bad idea. Same as 2 anti-viruses. Any more than one real-time security software performing similar functions (except maybe anti-spywares) is generally going to cause conflicts.


Generally 2 firewalls is a very bad idea, since the risk of conflict is high. However, in the case of XPs firewall this is not an issue… probably because it’s so useless. ;D Mind you, since it is so useless… it is probably is not worth the resource cost of having it on.

On CFP starting up, don’t be alarmed. The business end of CFP (cmdagent) loads much earlier in the boot cycle & is protecting you from the get go. CFPs front-end GUI (cpf.exe) does load until much later, mainly since it is dependent on system components… but, CFPs front-end is not what is protecting you anyway… the GUI is really just for us humans… its CFPs back-end (cmdagent & its drivers) that is protecting you & that is active from the very beginning.

I thought stuff could seep into my computer when it wasn’t active. So I’m ok?

Yes, you’re OK. By default, CFP will block all incoming communication attempts whilst your system is booting. CFP can also be set to block all outgoing communications attempts whilst booting, but this is generally not needed.

Thanks that makes me feel safer.

It is off not on. Comodo turned it off when I first installed it.