Comodo privdog ie setup

Today, Comodo is blocking a program called privdog ie setup, because it is unsigned.

thank you a lot! we will investigate this issue

Could you please write

what version of PrivDog are you using?
what version of CIS are you using ?

Comodo Dragon is blocking my PrivateDog download attempts… The error message says :

" PrivDogSetup.exe is malicious, and Dragon has blocked it"

I’ve made 3 attempts, all failed with the same message.
Version From 2 sites, last being CNet.
Odd ! CNet says it’s scanned the file & it’s clean !!

I did not & will not accept, the offer in the download progress task bar at the bottom, to bypass this message.
No reply from Comodo staff post on June 20th ???

Hi huntsman!

Yes, we know it. We have already reported Dragon team about this issue. Thanks for your review :-TU