Comodo Privalert.

Can anyone give me more information on the privalert. It seems to stop tracking. but does it do anything else?

Hi andrei1997,
Blocking tracking is its primary function at the moment, I believe there is more to come.
While tracking is generally not regarded as dangerous, Privalert is a one step in the right direction to help with controlling privacy issues.

there are numerous threats to our users

1)Tracking & Profiling

these 3 threats are the next wave of security products. We will give our users the control that they have lost. Although Ad blocking is an easy solution, we believe this is not right solution as Ads do play an important role in the internet ecosystem to bring our users free content in return for ads. So we need an innovation…an innovation that will give us control, speed, security of an adblocker without blocking ads…this way our users are happy because they gain control over ads, speed of their browsing and security…its a win-win for internet and our users. This is the power of innovation.

coming soon…:wink:


Thanks for the insight guys. I really appreciate it. I will always support Comodo. Great job comodo team.

maybe instead of blocking ads make something to relocate intrusive ads to a different part of the page so the users workflow isn’t decreased. maybe hard to do I don’t know. just brain storming. do you guys have a concept for implementation yet for giving users control over ads without blocking them

we can’t change the look of a website …but we can change the way the ads are delivered :wink:

Request : Could you make the announcement obvious, with links from CD topics ?

I find the comodo forum a labyrinth of information and finding topics may be missed if like me you only frequent the Dragon related topics.

PrivAlert is superb, and the kind of things it blocks on sites a user may have previously trusted can be a bit of an eye opener … Third party associations are not controlled by the site you trust, so the content of advertisements may not be as rigorously policed as you may think …

otherwise known as Malvertisements.

The hosts file at MVPS org has been helping people to block such page content for years. There are usually circa 10,000 bad urls in their hosts file which get updated roughly on a monthly basis.

:slight_smile: Welcome to the world of holes in web pages. News papers online have loads of them.

You seem to get the issues with ads on internet and the risks they pose.

I have innovated and Patented solution to this which will be made available in the short term for free.


would you be able to give a little info on this solution

not at the moment.

I am not sure you can’t change the look of websites.

Before Opera browser introduced extensions (and they were late) the looks of website could be changed by user made CSS file (user.css) or how it behaves by user made Javascript file (user.js). Similar functionality may be available in the extension frameworks of browsers.