Comodo Pride Blank Wallpaper

Made a wallpaper so can show off their Comodo pride. The logo isn’t exact, because I’m not an expert graphic designer, but it’s close enough to see what I was going for. It’s not Comodo Internet Security specific so that Comodo Firewall, and Comodo Antivirus users can use it too. This wallpaper is a blank template with just a logo, and text; add your own picture to replace the gray background. It’s 1920x1080, saved in png format, uses layers, and vector elements (no bitmaps). Using your preferred program create a new bottom layer, add your picture to the new layer, depending on the picture coloring you might need to adjust the text color, and lastly save.

You can download the workfile here ( Cahoots — Ann Arbor Coworking Space ). You can download an example export here ( Cahoots — Ann Arbor Coworking Space ) if you’d like to see what it looks like with a picture rather than the gray background. I’ve attached a small preview of the example image too, which should be visible below.

I hope you like it.

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This desktop is protected by “COMDO”? Haha nice one LOL

Hi guys!

That was just a lil misspelling mistake
Most likely the OP meant “… protected by CONDOM” :smiley:


It’s a beautiful image. But the typo needs to be fixed of course… :slight_smile:

At SiberLynx. You probably have this website in mind: :wink: