Comodo Premium AV/firewall

Will we ever see a firewall released on Linux along side the AV like windows has also will you guys be making this AV open source/GNU/GPL or you gona release it as propitiatory software please get back to me on this if you release this open source many other can fix this and release the fix the more devs that help the better this will get correct?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Comodo firewall for Linux. IPTables is pretty capable, although less than user friendly.

I would highly doubt Comodo has any plans to make CAVL open source.

Makes no sense to keep it closed when Linux is fully open source/free this is the point point to escape windows so makes no sense in releasing a closed app if you open it up the community can help fix stuff makes more sense linux not goos on propitiatory software most people run free/open source softwares also how do you set up IPtables with out an iso?

Having something just for the sake of having it is one thing but in an OS like Linux it isn’t called for, attacks from malware are virtually nonexistent. In order for a person to understand the mindset of the Linux creators go and visit one of their forums… Linux Mint for an example…

Please Contribute.