Comodo Pop up Adverts

I have been running the free version of Comodo for some time and have always kept up to date with it.

I have just downloaded the latest update and find that it has now a completely different screen.

It also has a virtual desktop which I find pointless,(so I have disabled it) and also a small screen which keeps popping up with Comodo adverts.

How do I get rid of this.? As far as I can see it is not necessary and a distraction.

I can’t even find where to see what version it is!!

Before this “Update” Comodo only communicated with me when there was a problem, which was great. but now it seems to be very much “in my face”.

Any help would be appreciated.


I believe this video may help: Disable Comodo Message Center in CIS - YouTube

Sanya IV Litvyak
Many thanks for the help.