Comodo pllaying commercial games now.

Comodo is now playing with the people. They are playing ugly excreta tricks.
Have you trid to go and find the completely free version of the CIS? you will not find it easily. They split it into many versions. Comodo internet security, comodo firewall. and in the list they dont list firewall, antivirus etc clearly. They keep showing ads of pro version that contain all those words. They trick us in using words like , defend from internet attack, malware prevention etc. Particularly, clearly they do not spell antivirus in firewall version, and they dont spell antivirus in the CIS version… This makes you think that oh these are two different versions, and if we want them alltogether we will have to buy pro. Plus they are using these lot of cheap internet tricks.
Comodo, before getting popular you started with completely free applications. Keep the genuinity of your words of that time. People will buy the pro versions, but do not trick the free users.

Comodo Internet Security Premium is widely known as the free version which is easy to find.
Comodo Firewall and Antivirus are both components of Comodo Internet Security with the options to install either or both during install when using the Internet Security installer.
The free version has the same security modules as the paid versions.
I am failing to see where we are being tricked in any way.
Maybe slight confusion between the Firewall or Antivirus installers, these installers are set to install the desired module by default but you still get the option to add/remove either after install by going to Add/Remove programs then change Comodo.
Premium/Free version found here.
Compare Free/Paid versions here.

Ketans has a point.

I went through the official pages and took me a couple of minutes to figure it out. It turns out you need to click on Free Products at the left bottom to get to the free products page. See image.

I always get the installer through the forums so I don’t frequent the official pages. Personally I don’t like the type of web site that makes looking for the free products a search.

Next time you need CIS installer get it from the release topic of CIS. That is always stickied at the News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS board.

I will move this topic to the Website/Forum issues board.

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And did you see? when we install the antivirus. they push us to install the geekbuddy and comodo dragon. thre is no antivirus name anywhere on the installer, only if we choose to use the custom installation that is written very tiny and hard to find at the bottom., then we get to deselect the geekbuddy and comodo dragon. Its a scamware when they do such ugly tricks.

EricJH why did you move this topic to a section where very less people visit and write.?

Because this is the most appropriate area for your original post (concerning the way Comodo present their
Free software on their website - i.e. can be difficult to find a link to the free versions).

It has not been moved here because this is a less frequently visited board. It was moved here because it is the right place to put it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This commercial trick activity, makes us think , there is more to it. It is possible you are leaving spy holes to commissioning companies, and govt. agencies of a particular country. ( you know exactly who).

We know you feel that website could make the Free CIS easier to find.

Sorry but that does not give you the right to imply certain ideas or make innuendos :P0l

Thank you



I too would prefer to download only from forums as I could never successfully figure out what to download from the main web page.

I personally don’t see the trouble with the downloads page.
Fair enough a paid version is present but the free version is not hiding.
Screenshot of CIS download page with the Free version highlighted in red.

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I dont agree my frd…

Whenever I go to any site to download anything free, I look for the product, download or Home/Office tabs. And the same way Comodo website has products tab on the top, there all the products are listed, free trials & free software is there too.

But yes things could be more easy on website, especially free stuffs as they provide quite a lot of free quality stuffs. All the info are there but scattered or some are little tough to find for some users.

For ex - I dont know if Comodo website has comparison table of free/paid security suite coz I never tried to check and I dont know if I will try to check I will find it easily or need quite a few clicks here & there.

Hi Naren,
Go to Comodos products page, under Product Categories choose Internet Security and view all to compare.
Compare Free/Paid versions here

I usually use a searchengine :o

I have been on two pages now. On both pages i was able to see the word free, or the first mentioning of internet security lead to “totally free”.

Can you show the page in question?
I am not worried that people would “get tricked” into pay 40 to 70 dollars while they searched a free version :wink:

EDIT: While this is not clear described:
Internet security pro 2012, You get extra features:

FREE Live Expert help
[b]Auto Sandbox Technology™
Firewall and Antivirus

And right next to it, there is the explaining of the free version. It looks as if the extra features are in the pro version exclusive.

Free Version:
Advanced Features:

Firewall Protection
Defends your PC from Internet attacks
Prevents malware from being installed on your PC

There was no violation of moderators desigion. My purpose was to show as many people as possible. And in general category it is stated that ‘(offtopic) anything and everything’. So I did not violate anything.
I think the moderators are distracting the whole topic to rule and violation, they are not talking about the content, which is clearly visible.
Anyway, moderators are ‘the employees’, we understand.
I also use search engine, but it is still taking us more to paid versons. Its hard whatever you say.
And one more thing, firewall and antivirus is not in same package as stated. when firewall and defence is installed, and then we install the antivirus it uninstalls the firewall and spits in some scamware geekbuddy and comodo dragon, which people dont need at all.
I am recommending, and personally helping friends and relatives to get the CIS in their PC, I recommend them this CIS free when they ask me for suggestions regarding any other software. I have recommended CIS to almost 90 to 100 people. But, recently I dont like this scam activity of Comodo, thats why I need to give you notices in this way.

You made a post in the wrong forum. It was moved. So you created another post to point to the moved topic. If the first post was in the wrong place, why would you feel a second one posted on the same forum would be OK?

I see discussion from the moderators about your post topic… I’m sure everyone else can as well. Why are you saying this is not happening? As for the rules, yes, rules are enforced. We’re sorry if you don’t agree with them, but they will be enforced, regardless of how you feel. If you don’t agree, you can always appeal. How to appeal against Moderators decisions

No, the moderators are not employees. The moderators are users just like yourself, who have been given the task to keep the forums orderly.

The firewall and AV are indeed in the same package. Regardless of which version you download, whether it be just the AV, or just the firewall, all of the installers contain all of the modules that make up CIS. The only difference is in the installer script. So if you download the firewall installer, it won’t give you an option to install the AV. If however, you decide later to install the AV, you can just go to the add/remove wizard and add the AV to your installation. No download required, it’s already in the installer.

GeekBuddy and Dragon can be deselected from the installer. If you don’t want them, don’t install them.

What ‘scam activity’ are you referring to?

Ohh ok ok … you are right, the moderators are not employees of Comodo ‘officially’.
You all know, the geek buddy and dragon can be deselected, but there is a very tiny link to that option below, which makes users just go next next while instalation. Why do Comodo need to do such tricks? these activities are scam like.

Without corroborating evidence we are still in Speakers Corner.

You all know, the geek buddy and dragon can be deselected, but there is a very tiny link to that option below, which makes users just go next next while instalation. Why do Comodo need to do such tricks? these activities are scam like.
Installers of Java and Adobe Reader f.e. have additional options similarly tucked away. It seems a new trend in UI design of installers.

One of the first things i got taught about the internet and installations: Look carefully what you are about to do.

Tell this your friends, and they have a harmless chance to learn it while installing a security product :wink:

There are a lot of reputated programs that give you the choice of installing unexpected things with them. I dont like it. But as i know it, i am reading the windows, and making the decision i want to make.

If you call this scam, you relativate real scams, crimes. In real scams, you dont have an informed choice.

Btw, make sure that you dont have a “mc affee” product on your computer, which you might have gotten by installing flash player on the page :smiley:

hmmmm. thank you for telling. :slight_smile: … you are a nice guy.
Adobe Java are hidden criminals everyone knows that, but that doesnt mean Comodo should follow them. Comodo started with genuine interface and generous brief software when they were in the phase of attracting users to them. They should keep the good work.
Clockwork, when some company needs to use visual tricks to make the user ignore or not notice an option, is a scam like activity. Definitely it is some kind of spyware activity. I mean, those who look carefully dont install, or remove the unwanted software later, but those who are not able to notice are almost 70% if not 90%, or if you pull down you still have 50% users who will fall prey to these comodo suspicious needs. I know we have to look carefully, thats how I found it, but 90% of users fall prey to these visual tricks.

Definitely it is some kind of spyware activity.
This calls for corroboration. Please substantiate this claim.