Comodo PF 2.4 Vulnerability fix


is planned any vulnerability fix forComodo PFW 2.4 for W2K ?

Hm, well, as cannot delete the thread, I realized, it is not critical vulnerability
of kind of local DoS, so does not matter much.

There’s a vulnerability in v2.4 on W2K. You can kill the cmdagent.exe with sysinternals. Then just close the gui and your system is wide opme to attack. Can you guy please fix this ASAP. I love comodo, but version 3 is a headache, tried it for 4 months’ I prefer 2.4 if this vulnerabitity is fixed. Thank you in advanced!

There is no more development from for v2.4. It has stopped a year ago.


So what your telling me is that since I run W2K I’m SOL?!? O well time to find another firewall after my 2 year love affair with comodo. Thanks for the good times guys!