Comodo Personal Firewall v5.9.23255.2196; Notification of update

??? I recently installed (updated) the free firewall to v5.9.23255.2196 (or v5.9.219863.2196 if you prefer). In the past 24-48 hours after performing a check for updates I am getting a response back that there is an update available for download. When I click on the button to check out the update it is showing the version that I already have installed. ??? So, what gives here? Why should I be getting an indication that there is an update available for that I already have installed? What is the current version release? Thanks.

Hi Iwanaknow,
Current version 5.9.219863.2196 AFAIK.

Some update issues have been found in the past, and in a high percentage of these cases following the instructions found here has resolved the problem.
Hope it works for you.

It could be an update for the Trusted Software Vendor list.

Captainsticks - No go! I did to copy and paste and nothing changed. When I do a check for update it is still showing me that there is an update available.

I guess what I can do is to go ahead and download the update and see if anything changes regarding the version number(s).

I kinda hate to do this. What I will do is backup my computer first then do the download.

Let’s see what happens. Wish me luck.

:slight_smile: Ok, I’m back. I did my backup and then did the update. Apparently, the update was for the file “cmderd.sys” (CIS Eradication Driver). ??? So, it looks like I’m running normally (whatever that means). :o Thanks to those who responded. :-TU

Sorry my suggestion might have wasted your time, glad to hear all is up and running.