Comodo perm blocks application

Why does comodo permanently block an application when you deny thats applications use by another program?

Say if outlook wanted to use firefox and i clicked no, why does comodo perm block firefox until i restart. Usually this just makes me turn off comodo. I cant find anywhere these block requests are listed so there no way turn them off. They arent under the program list, firefox has full rights.

It seems like a good idea to stop dodgy programs from communicating through verified ones but the bugs in the way you have implemented it make it pretty useless frankly.

Appologies for the stern language but its taken me many hours of searching through the comodo forums to get comodo to work and now its doing this all the time. You guys need to put up a wiki or something if you cant be bothered to provide proper documentation.

It’s a problem with current release. CPF3 will have HIPS, which will take care of those things in real time.
But are you refering to COM/OLE automation attempts (part of Application Behaviour Analysis), or parent processes?

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Luckily, I recently answered a similar question and hope you will find it useful here:,7600.0.html

squidoo, you are referring to something else, which is not a bug but rather a security measure to prevent malware and the application (e.g. Firefox) from associating at the network level (e.g. continuing to phone home).

I do agree with you that the help file needs to be more thoroughly explained, preferably with real-life examples.