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On comodo site it says Comodo PC TuneUp is free but when I installed it and ran a scan and found issues, it asks to buy a license to fix???

I thought it said free but its not free and only offering a free scan???

That’s false advertizing from comodo.

here is the products I am talking about:

There are many freeware tools that can do the same. Just forget about this one… :wink:

too bad because there is something that this application can do that I have not seen in any other apps out there. That is offering to fix “Critical windows events”. Normally it take a long search online to understand these and how to fix it. Bu comodo pc tuneup is the only one I found that offer to fix these issues. Too bad is paid unlike its advertizing of being free.

I don’t know what PC Tune Up offers when fixing critical Windows event.

Since Vista Windows can check for possible solutions for problematic events it logged. I don’t know if that is the same or similar.

Is Comodo PC TuneUP a new Free product?

Comodo Free Products page now doesn’t lists Comodo System Utilities but lists Comodo PC TuneUp.

Is Comodo System Utilities discontinued?

GUI & Colour is good.

Attached is the screenshot

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It is partly free. Only to check.
You need to buy to fix it.
See my closed topic.

P.S. You can write to them and ask. They will tell you the price.

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I just noticed Comodo PC TuneUP on the Comodo Utilities page. I haven’t heard of this being talked about in the forums. What’s up? Is it a new product? The version date on the .exe is February 7, 2013. Just curious.

CSU I think isn’t a priority in developement for comodo. they havn’t really released much new releases on it.

There have been a few posts recently.

PCTuneUp. Paid or not?

Regarding Comodo PC TuneUp???

I had never heard of it until Jenny asked her question.

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I think they need to change it from free download to free preview or free trial. and they used to offer this for free. why make it paid if they know that people are just gonna find a free alternative like wise care or ccleaner.

This is very bad marketing statagy by comodo. They have now startet to behave like symantic, McAfee etc by offering their product free for only scan but not cleaning.

They should remove Comodo PC Tune up from the free directory.

I just got caught out by the same problem. I use a lot of COMODO products, and PCTuneUp is the first time I have been disappointed.

This “free” program is just the biggest downloadable advertisement ever. Download and run it and all it tells you is: “Pay to Upgrade Now because your computer is about to experience a hellish fiery death”. (OK, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it seems about that bad.)

Unfortunately COMODO no longer hosts a download for “COMODO System Utilities”, but, if you Google it, you can find it elsewhere. I suggest using a combination of “COMODO System Utilities” and “CCleaner” to keep your registry (and much more) in good state. PCTuneUp is just a waste of time and download.

agreed +1.
COMODO System Utilities is “free” we can use. You can see PC TuneUp free on web but after downloading and setting up you do a check-up n it says "if you want to repair these issues please “pay” some 88)

COMODO System Utilities you have it here :-TU

and here as well on Comodo Forum

It is still on the servers. You can download CSC from COMODO System Utilities 4.0 Released!!!.

Sadly, I actually have(had) so much faith in Comodo products I paid for PC TuneUp. It does scan and find issues, it does say Clean, it does keep telling me I need to enter a Key, it does accept the key (yet again!) it does clean some problems, it does leave me with Windows issues uncleaned and Junk files not cleaned, It does then tell me I need expert help, click here, the expert Geek remotely cleaned and I got a “good” report on the next scan only to have the whole process repeat each and every time I turn my PC on…I regret paying to this product and advise people to keep away from it, at least until it is FIXED!!! :frowning: >:( :-TD


thats the truth “function limited” :-[