Comodo password manager

We need it back. Also it would be great idea to make it work with Comodo browsers because other password managers don’t work with Comodo Dragon or Comodo IceDragon.

Who agree with me please join in. We need numbers. Maybe sign a petition?

Why is this in the CIS Wishlist?

Moving to: Which product do you want Comodo to develop next.

Because it’s my wish for Comodo to get this program back. They used to have I-Vault. But this time make it work with Comodo browsers.

I understand, but the CIS wishlist is for features people want added to Comodo Internet Security. Not programs they wish Comodo would bring back out of the mothballs.

Are you saying that you want a password manager to be a part of CIS? Because that really isn’t the job of a security suite.

I see. No I’m not saying that.