Comodo Parental Control Software

I would like to see “Comodo Parental control” software developed.
features including
PC access control
Integration into windows user profiles so user’s only logon once
Internet access control
keyword blocking for website, email, chat and IM that close the offending app
web content filter
ability to disable key windows features from access ie control panel, regedit
application access control

Best Regards
Don (R)

I’d like to see this product as well. The tie to windows login is important since it should be transparent. Some remote capability to “instantly” (via email notification, or irate phone call) change some configuration option after the trigger either permanently or temporarily.

I wouldn’t even mind if there was a charge for this feature or product.


Have a look at,587.0.html. This is a set of ideas that are currently being thrown around, and parental control has been mentioned in passing, in conjunction with the overall concept of a Comodo application administration console. Let us know what you think.

Ewen :slight_smile: