Comodo or AVG

I know that since I’m on a Comodo forum, people will likely advise me to stick with Comodo, but I’m wondering about the stats behind the views. I’m running Comodo and like it but I’m wondering how it compares to AVG. Some people on other forums have placed Comodo below AVG but said that it doesn’t matter, stick with Comodo because it’s a beta and can only get better etc. etc. I’m wondering if anyone has stats on Comodo and AVG compared, I’ve done looking but no well known company has done a good review of Comodo that I can find. Even links to reviews would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Matt Segstro


As Comodo is a beta I would go with AVG for protection however I use Comodo Antivirus as my main program as I am a beta tester. But since this will most likely be on your main machine, you will want to use a well known antivirus program that is not in its beta stage of development.


Thanks Justin, I use beta versions of lots of programs as well, they’re on my main machine but I make lots of images and wipe my harddrive fairly often as well to get rid of stubborn programs that I’ve tried and not liked. That’s why I’m not concerned about Comodo being a beta, I’m just curious about other people’s opinions. Thanks for your reply.

Matt Segstro

As for detection rate, I think I’ve seen in some posts (referring to tests) that CAVS catch about 50% of known malware. AVG, I guess, catches more than 80%, perhaps even more than 90%.

[i]EDIT 2: AVG scored well here:[/i]

Then there are other important aspects, as how the real time monitor works, detection in archives and much more. I have no skills to make a comparation here. However, the HIPS function in CAVS is something quite few of the other antivirus programs have (if any).

Justin’s advice is good :slight_smile:

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If this is the case and you are comfortable with testing beta software then I would recommend you keep Comodo, however if you are looking for a program to protect you and not a beta program to test, than I would go with AVG or some other well known antivirus.