Comodo or Avast Sandbox

I have been using Avast 2013/2014 and like the software but hear that Comodo has the best sandbox/BB. Can anyone tell me what the difference is as I’ve changed to Comodo 6.3 Complete???


Avast sandbox is fully virtual which function outside the OS. Avast sandbox is made more for the analysis of files.

Comodo sandbox is based on restrictions which function inside the OS. Comodo sandbox is made more for protection. Also in version 6 Comodo did add the full virtual integration.

Comodo works with a Default Deny architecture.
An Unknown app gets sandboxed.
We don’t rely on “Signatures or behaviours” to sandbox, as these fail and PC get infected. Eg: if the executable’s behaviour is fishy, sandbox it etc…(these gets fooled and computers get infected)

We have the patent on automatically sandboxing unknown applications.

Wow, I never thought the CEO Melih would comment - thanks!!! I am now using Comodo and very pleased with the software, excellent quality and very secure… My uncle is now going to try Comodo. :P0l

I did have one other question: I have my BB set at untrusted, does this mean when I run the browser in the Comodo Sandbox is it set to untrusted??

No. There are two types of sandboxes in CIS.

The first is the automatic one. This is the one which unknown files which try to run on your computer are automatically run in. This is the one you set to Untrusted.

The second is the fully virtualized sandbox, which can be started manually or by clicking on the browser icon through the widget.

Okay, so unknown file(s) are sandboxed as untrusted - is this sandbox fully virtualized?

Nope. From “Partially limited” to “Untrusted” are only restriction modes of Auto-Sandbox, no virtualization. Virtualisation is only in “Fully Virtualized” mode.

Thanks for all your replies, very helpful! Does this mean that setting the BB to fully virtualized is the most secure, or would untrusted be better…???