Comodo Online Security v1.2.0.37 Released (for Chromium Based Browsers)

Hi All,
We are happy to announce availability of Comodo Online Security browser extension for Chromium Based browsers.

What does it do?
This browser extension protects you against malicious and phishing URLs. When it encounter one such URL, it will show warning page as shown in enclosed snap, allowing user to: Continue browsing or Go back
It also allows user to report false-positive and you can also report suspicious sites.

I have Comodo Internet Security - Web-filtering, do i still need it?
In general no. It uses the same cloud based database. But there have been cases where for certain blocked cases CIS has not been able to show proper block page allowing you to continue browsing. Down the road we will be shipping this with Comodo Internet Security/Internet Security Essentials / Comodo Secure Shopping also.

What’s next in it?
We are working on some cool innovation, where we will be able to detect phishing pages on the fly. Phishing is something that is increasing and need default-deny approach, like we have for unknown files. We have our own web site, where you can see latest phishing cases

What about extensions for other browsers?
In works, we hope to release ones for IE, Mozilla and Edge this month.

Why extension, why not application?
Browser applications model is now getting more rigid and allowing to provide additional security via extensions only rather external applications.

If you have any feature request, you may pin under wish-list section.

Please give it a try and share your feedback.


Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

Great to see it released. There’s a lot of phish to catch out there. :smiley:

Tried to register a suspicious site but the form was not having it, said something about a record being wrong or something like that. I tried twice with the same result.

Hi patrice58,
May you please share screenshot of the error seen during form submission?


Try it yourself. Go to then using COS try to add it as a suspicious site and see if it works.

It worked for me. Did you fill out an email address (does not have to be real I used Did you check the I agree to terms and conditions check box?

Oh well that’s strange, it’s great you have reported it but it’s weird that I couldn’t. Oh well never mind. :slight_smile:

Yes I did tick the box then it below it, it came up with a records message of some sort.

Could you still post the screenshot?

I can’t as I have tried to screenshot but the feedback form now seems to work.

A request: is it possible to change the color of the icon : green for protection status on / red for status off ??

Can someone ( moderator) pin my request under “whislist” please. I don’t know how to do . :-TU

Suggestion noted.
In case all good, default logo will change and if we end up in warning site, it will change to another.

Running fine and light here.

Any test link to know working fine?

Please try following:

Other tabs are working. Go back to safety is not working i.e nothing happens on clicking it.

Browse and on same tab then browse this test page, it should go back to

Please try.

Try to visit a website on that tab first, then you go to to
on the same tab and click on Go back to safety (Recommended)

Edit: if no page was visited before, then the button should take you to your home page.

I had selected “continue anway” the first time and got “this is a test page”. Now I don’t get the alert. The page directly opens to “this is a test page”. I tried cleaning the browser but the same. There is nothing in the filtering logs too.

I think, when you click “go back to safety”, it should take you to “homepage” set by the users.

Well done Comodo :-TU

Working fine at this end in CD and Chrome. Reporting site works fine though it would be nice to see a toast message confirming submission has been successful.



It does show submission confirmation if that’s what you found missing, please see enclosed.