Comodo Online Security for Opera browser for PC

How to download Comodo Online Security for Opera browser for PC?

I asked this because after Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser is third most popular and trusted browser running in PC.

Opera is Chromium based but some thinks that makes Opera different from others.

Add the install chrome extensions to opera and then add COS as you would if you were using chrome.

Thanks for reply @futuretech,
I added Comodo Online Security in Opera browser according to this instruction, but it is not working, only I can manage setting. This addon (extension) properly works with Firefox and Chrome, Opera is Chromium based, but not all Chrome extension support in Opera browser, and Comodo Online Security addon is one of these. Some service running diffrently in Opera browser.
I tested some websites that may harmful for computer. Comodo Online Security can successfully blocks harmful websites if running with Firefox, Chrome, and even Internet Explorer. But not Opera.
Due to security reason I can’t disclose website names.
So I requested to add this service for Opera browser also.