COMODO One Home Edition V1.3.4500 is Released

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce v1.3.4500 of COMODO One Home Edition.

We have been working on it for last several months to make stability and performance fixes in this application.
Finally, it seems i can use it :slight_smile: and so can you.

There are several performance improvements on both server and application side.

The biggest improvement is battery consumption, it used to take ~20% of battery in the past and thus making it unusable, now just under 1%, very decent.

Step to take:
Please install Android version from Google Store:

Go to and create an account, if you don’t already have one.

Login into application and then go to portal, from there you will be able to see GPS location of device and various features you can configure.

Here is the list of supported features:

Device Information Features:

  • Name
  • Model
  • SerialNumber
  • OS name & version
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address (to be replaced by IMIE number)
  • Network connection type


  • Battery Status
  • Storage Status
  • RAM Usage

Notifications (Receive email / alert notifications when):

  • Battery is less than X %
  • Storage is less than Y %

Anti-theft Features:

  • Initiate Siren
  • Lock Device with custom message & password
  • Wipe Device Contents

Parental Control:

  • Track device’s current location on map
  • GEO Fencing (Safe Zone): Set the GPS radius and if phone is outside that radius, you are notified
  • App usage restriction. Define which application can be used for how long on a given day.

Application Management:

  • See details of installed applications
  • Uninstall applications (requiring user intervention if not installed via COHE client)

User Management:

  • you can configure multiple users and define access level for each

Known Issues:

  • We are still working on improving iOS version, will soon announce that as well.
  • Various access needed by application are asked before you even complete login, it needs to be improved and presented in post login step
  • Integration with Comodo Mobile Security, at the moment you can’t initiate AV scan via COHE portal
  • Uninstall application feature is not fully functional.
  • Lock device: It only works if you have Android version lower than 7 and that too in case you have not set password before. In future it will appear only for cases, when it device allows that functionality.

Major things to come:

  • Remote takeover. You will be able to remote connect to a PC where COHE client is installed.
  • In future, you will be able to deploy CIS clients on a given desktop and manage from portal itself i.e. enterprise functionality in hands of users.

Before we move to add advance fatures, we would like to ensure product is functional and stable with current features.

We will appreciate your feedback.
Please give it a try


:-TU :-TU :-TU

Hello, I installed V1.3.4500 on my phone and on the computer the version downloaded was V1.3.3700.

Is not there an option to hide the taskbar icon?

You could embed this in CIS instead of installing another program on computer. Secure shopping, internet security essentials, comodo one. It looks like Avira: :-S

Yes, it’s bit verbose.
We will add option to hide tray icon.


  • A log out option, will ask for password when you log out.
  • Exit option, will ask for password in case you are already logged in.

Thanks for giving it a try :-TU


In its present stage, I can’t go any further with trying it out on multiple users / devices . . .

It seems that once an email address is used, or a device added, then that is registered and ‘locked’ to the first use and can’t be deleted to try again with a different scenario

As the main Home Admin, I want to add 4 devices: 2 Android phones, Windows phone and a Laptop - all to the Home Admin account, that I can then give to different people for daily use, but now whenever I try to login to the portal through the device, I get the message that ‘this email is already in use’, (or words to that effect). Same with trying to register a device that has already been used with another account / email

It may be a safety feature, but in the real world, what happens when a phone or Laptop changes ownership?

There needs to be more control from the Home Admin account to delete devices and emails permanently, for another user or device; at least in order to test this out thoroughly

Hi Guys,

Are you able to give any updates on the progress of COMODO One Home Edition ?

We have ceased the development of it for now.

Hi umesh,

O.K thank you.

I hate to see this. I do not know why Comodo does these things: Begin development on a program that has potential, then halt development before the program can reach its full potential. It is sad to see.

Hopefully development will resume again one day…


I wonder if the main Comodo One platform could be fairly easily adapted to a ’ Home edition ’ ? Obviously there would have to be restrictions on the number of devices that could be connected.