Comodo One connecting to mysterious address.

Comodo One connecting to mysterious address. Go ahead and type that in a browser! WTF???

Is this a major, major security breach or is it nothing? This seems like a weak way to plug a website that is connecting to my computer through the new Comodo One. Please advise on what this means community. At this point, I do not trust Comodo one bit after seeing this!

The address comes back to United Kingdom Bradford Ccanet Limited. Comodo C A Ltd also resolves to that address.

Campus Rd
Bradford, United Kingdom
+44 1274 730505

I agree with you on that. The main problem that I see is that the web server directories seem to be very easily accessible, as in not making use of an .htaccess file to hide files on the server from public view. This is my concern. If this services is expected to be used in production environments, is it safe to have this open connection to a server ip that points to a web directory that is not closed off from public view, AND is not connected over ssl in any way?

This seems less than secure to me for a production environment.

I now get a 403 error message saying:


You don’t have permission to access /rmm/ on this server.

I now get a 403 error message saying: Quote Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /rmm/ on this server.

Well that is good to see. I’m glad to have brought it to the attention of Comodo.

Not trying to be a ■■■■ but, a thanks from somebody would be nice since Comodo obviously didn’t want that visible (they 403’d with .htaccess it as I suggested).

I’ve used Comodo products for a while and I like them and participating in debugging, etc. is my pleasure. But someone should publicly address this as an issue that has been resolved now if that is in fact thew case.

If it is not the case, then a further explanation as to why would be appropriate I think, as well as a realistic timeframe when folks can consider it to be resolved. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to eventually be able to use (at least portions of) this in production if all goes well on the development side.

Anyway, I hope to see good things come from this product as, from what I have seen in my initial tests, look like it will be very handy. I especially appreciate that it can be used in a commercial environment for free, as is my understanding of Comodo One. It seems as though the whole premise of the software is specifically addressed for use in commercial environments where techs need to deal with many groups of clients.

Best regards!

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