Comodo Offline Updater Can Not Find Updates

I have installed ESM with the Offline Updater. Updater fails to download updates with the following messages:

“Updates loading for catalog ‘av/updates311/’ failed. Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

“Binaries loading for catalog ‘cis/download/updates/release/inis_490’ failed. Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Connectivity to local network and internet is OK. What am I missing here?

Hi Lahso,

How long is it running now?
I have seen those error’s also sometimes, i just restarted the service.
Is the COU host behind a firewall? and/or are you using a proxy to access the internet?

COU has been running at least 3 hours. Server has been restarted twice, COU service restarted several times. Network is behind a firewall, access to internet via 80 outbound ok. Not using using a proxy.

Is there perhaps an other web server active on this system?

No other web server on this computer.

Can you post OS details version/patchlevel/32/64bit language etc?
and is there other security software installed on it?
Is .Net 2.0 installed correctly? is it the same server you installed CESM on?

Since I’m in test mode, for now I think I’ll remove ESM from this server and try another system. Thanks for your help.

Okay can you post the results if you find a solution?


Try to follow this recommendations.

Remember, after installation COU download huge data volume (>3,5 Gb). So it takes time to download everything.

Also give the information Ronny asked you about.

Hope it helps.

Be careful with this, if you are running CIS on ESM you need the 311 branch download because CESM CIS is still on 3.11.x

Yes. My recommendation is actual for using with RM CIS 3.11.
And it is also possible to remove 3.10 branch to reduce traffic size if you do not use CIS 3.10

Do not be confused with a lot of warnings in the begin of the COU work. It is normal.

Because COU download all CIS updates in the beginning.

The check box I’ve advised you to deselect responsible for working with new version of CIS. If some new release of CIS is installed and it uses your COU-server, after requests from CIS to COU, COU creates new update folder and starts to download updates to it.

But now we just want to be sure that everything works on you network.

My updates folder is 3 Gb calculate how much time you need to download this data.

Also you can try to decrease Refresh Every from 300 to 10 sec (for start stage). It let you to see COU behavior more quickly.

LAHSO, please save and attach you COU log.
It can help to resolve the problem.

Here is my log attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

anymore detail about Net 2.0 installed ?

.Net 2.0 should be installed.