Comodo Offline Updater Alternative


as many others I had problems with updating my av-bases and cis-updates using Comodo Offline Updater.

As a countermeasure I programmed a little tool which I named “ComoLoader”.
It’s a really simple console application written in java. In this way you can be independent from Windows.

The Archive contains 4 files:

comoloader.jar - my program
run.bat - for windows user - for linux users
config.xml - config file

There are two ways to start my ComoLoader:

  1. Using the console with the command “java -jar comoloader.jar”.
    If you get a OutOfMemoryException (might happen) try this:
    “java -Xmx600m -jar comoloader.jar”
  2. Use the run.bat/ (recommended)


The config.xml contains 4 nodes: general, av, cis, other.

  1. general:
    Setup Serveraddress, port and updateinterval in seconds here.
  2. av:
    Setup the update58, update55, … folders here (same as in Comodo Offline Updater)
    Those folders will contain the Virus Signatures.
  3. cis:
    Setup the init_1800, init_1500, … folders here (same as in Comodo Offline Updater)
    Those folders will contain the Updates for CIS.
  4. other:
    I used this for other files I found which CIS is requesting (Announcements and stuff).
    I’m not sure if they are needed or not.

The config file is already set to the latest CIS version for windows.
For more information start Comodo Offline Updater and go to File->Upates information…

To stop ComoLoader press CTRL + c (Both win/linux).

Version 1.2:
- ComoLoader will now download cav.z files which are smaller
- If there’s a problem downloading the cav.z it will download the cav file instead
Version 1.3:
- Fixed some smaller Bugs
- Updated config.xml for CIS 6.0 / CIS 2013

Other things:

  1. It’s NOT a offical Software from COMODO! If there are questions/bugs/etc write a comment here.
  2. I did NOT use code from COMODO software. I made it from scratch using the logfiles from
    Comodo Offline Updater.
  3. It will only download av-bases and cis-updates
  4. This software is FREE.
  5. This sotware can be shared but NOT in any way altered.
  6. Please consider that my native language is not english

greetings Ralf “roop” W

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I have comodo IS 5.10 in my standalone(Comp.1). Now I have downloaded offline updater in my internet PC(Comp.2), which has kaspersky. How to update my offline sytem?
Please give step by step configuration of remote folders, ports, work folder etc. Which files to copy to my usb?
how to change update source in my Comp.1?

Can you please provide support for 7z archive download instead of the direct bases download.
Since this is already supported by CIS in the latest versions, it greatly reduces the download size. (Currently Comodo Offline Updater supports this)

I understand that this program downloads bases and release updates for offline use. But, how can we update clients with this ?

Can you please explain the way to setup http proxy server in Standalone system.
Do we compulsorily need to install COU on the standalone system ?
(I am asking this because COU requires XP SP3 which is not always available on some systems)

Can we use any other http file servers like HFS ?


sorry for this late response but I almost forgot about this little sideproject.


It’s not that big of a problem to implement 7z support.
I will provide a updated version soon.

As far as I know about COU it’s nothing more than a downloader and a little HTTP-Server.
There should be two ways to provide updates to clients. You can either use COU
(without their downloader which is broken anyway) or any other HTTP-Server like apache.
I never tried it with apache myself but in theory a HTTP-Server providing the cis and av
folder should work just fine.

Edit: I tested it with HFS → CIS updated just fine and ComoLoader too!


I don’t know how good your knowledge about servers, network etc is.
This Software downloads the latest updates for CIS from Comodo’s Server.
Comodo Offline Updater can then provide those updates to other PC’s in your
local network.

As far as I understand is your Comp.1 without internet/local network access right?
In this case there should be a way to do it with a usb-stick or usb-hdd but I never tried
it this way. Maybe you can provide more details and I will find a solution.

I hope this will help a bit.

Greetings Ralf

Sounds good. Thanks.

I could never get it to work with HFS. Do I need any xml file in the main folder ?
can you kindly send me the configuration of how you did it with HFS…

A new Version is out (1.2) with 7z support. Enjoy.

It’s rather easy with HFS. I used a portable version (2.2f).
Just start it, add the av and cis folder as virtual folders and
config CIS to use the correct ip/port combination.


Can you be a little more specific please…since, I have tried it many ways and could not succeed.

Here is what I’ve done.

  1. I copied the downloaded “av” and “cis” folders from the ComodoLoader folder and pasted them in

c:\updates\ folder in the other system.

  1. I have bound “root to real folder” in HFS to c:\updates, selected 5555 as port.

HFS is running and the folders are browsable in browser.

  1. I have set connection information in CIS preferences as

server:localhost, proxy:5555

Please guide me where I am doing it wrong ?

As far as i can see is HFS configurated correctly.
CIS on the other hand isn’t.

You don’t need to setup a proxy for this.
Just add a new source for your updates and deactivate
In your example it’s http://localhost:5555
You could also use any other address (e.g. another pc in your network).
Thats it =)


Thanks for the support. It did not work for the first time, but after freshly installing CIS, it worked.

I tried to do it in Virtual machine, it works some times, and some times it does not work. I do not know why CIS behaves so oddly when it comes to updating. It takes a lot of time to refresh (I think it is a known bug).

Any way, thanks again for correcting my mistake. Thanks a lot…

Hi Roopman - could you update Comoloader so it will get the …2100 files for Comodo IS 2013 (v6)? I am still only finding …58 updates for CIS v5x.

Comoloader works GREAT, but the CISv6 can’t use it (for a pc on dialup… = “no” internet connection!)

Thanks a bunch!

right now i’m lying in bed due to a cold but i will try to fix this next week.


new Version (v1.3) is online.

Updates for CIS 6.0 should now be downloaded properly.
It would be nice to know if it works for everyone.


works perfectly, but how can I specify which program binaries to download?
It downloads everything in inis2001, how to specify only x64 files for windows 7 (for example)?
I tried to change the line inside config.xml :
from “inis_2001/” to “inis_2001/x64/” but the program stopped downloading binaries completely.


I never thought about this option but will implement it as soon as there is some free time left.
I’m also planning to do some bigger changes to fully replace Comodo Offline Updater
(already added some library and stuff for that…). Can’t tell you a concrete date though.



Works well, but uses way too much memory (560MB) without releasing it when waiting for next download. Not obvious what that memory is being used for even while downloading files. One should think having a couple MB buffer to read into and immediately write to file should be sufficient.