comodo not working

excuse me ,
i have problem when run comodo
freeze desktop 100% and cant do any thing and cant
click on Keyboard.

not solve my problem

i used comodo was good
but now i cant solve problem. >:(

Hi fixed,
It sounds like something is possibly going wrong during installation.
I would suggest running the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in Windows Safe Mode between uninstalling reinstalling, or better still follow the guidelines in the link below.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

What is your OS, CIS version and other security programs?

i use cispremium_installer v6
see the report plz captin

thanks captin

i use comodo for more 2 years was amazing

thanks comodo :P0l

Are you using Avira Antivirus?
If yes be sure to deselect Comodo Antivirus in the custom install in step two in the link below.
CIS Premium – Installation

Have you previously had Avast Antivirus on the system?

i am so sorry,
after install comodo and restart PC
comodo freeze mouse
and all system
and cant do any thing never
must restart my PC .
i never used avast

can any one help me plz ???

Hi fixed,
I will ask the other more experienced Mods to take a look at your diagnostics report.
From what I can tell, Avast has been on the system sometime in the past and is showing up as incompatible software.
I would consider running the Avast Uninstaller from the following page.
Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software

i delete all anti viurs
wait minutes plz :slight_smile:

i am sorry i can’t explain for problem.

after run comodo
is operating system freezing
can’t use mouse and keyboard to restart pc
sorry captin >:(

No sorry required, I think a language barrier between us is causing some difficulties.
I hope another Moderator can help.

Is the problem with your mouse and keyboard? To find out try another mouse or keyboard.

Was the deinstallation of av programs you had installed successful? Or is the problem still happening?

thank you captainsticks :slight_smile:

after install comodo