Comodo not working with virtual machines

I’ve tried today 2 virtual machines: Microsoft Virtual PC and VirtualBox (by Sun) and none was working until I completely disabled Comodo.
This even though I’ve set those applications as trusted.

Is this a known bug? Will it be fixed?

If you have time and can still reproduce the bug, please read this and add a more useful description to this bug.

I have a 64 bits AMD processor
I run Windows XP SP2
I run Avira and comodo as security apps

When I try to install a new OS on the Virtual machine it didn’t find the boot device until I close Comodo.
Then after the installation process begins if I start Comodo the installation stops at “installing devices” section.

This happens with VirtualBox and MS Virtual PC.

Are you running XP x32 or x64?

Do you mean you set as trusted Virtual PC and VirtualBox executables?

What OS do you try to install as guest OS? XP, Vista, x32, x64, Linux…?

Is anything related shown under CFP’s logs? What are advanced settings and modes (custom, safe…) of firewall and defense+?
Does CFP show any pop-ups before/during “installing devices”?
What causes problem: firewall or defense+ (please disable only defense+ and try to reproduce issue, then disable only firewall and try to reproduce issue).

pykko if you are interested may I recommend VMware? I had issues with the original VMware 6.0.0 and CFP but every version after 6.0.0 works fine with it. I think it’s more than likely that you’re having issues because VMs install a 3rd party “exotic” driver that can allow the VM to access your internet. VMware as far as I’m concerned does not have such issues.