Comodo not working at first install

The Application Monitor, Component Monitor, Network Monitor and Application Behavior Analysis are off and not able to be turned on by checking each radio button that says “Turn On”. There are no other firewalls installed and the Windows (XP) Firewall is off. The About says Subscription Validity: Lifetime and License Type: Full.

What is the solution?

Thank you.

Welcome, John Drake.

First, please ensure your OS is supported (2K, 2003, or XP). If so then have peek at this thread.

XP SP2, CFP, COMODO Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0
I have tried all the suggestions in the thread you posted and still no-go. I am getting notices/popups on the bottom right saying I am not fully protected because the applications Monitor, Component Monitor and Network Monitor are not turned on. I cannot turn them on manually.

Any more ideas? BTW - I have never had ZA ever installed.

Sorry that none of the suggested posts helped. Seeing how there are other users with this issue, I would recommend you register and submit a ticket at the official support site: Also, if possible please post any updates for the benefit of others to see. Thanks.

This may be a free product but MY time is worth money. I am dumping this non-working rubbish. BTW - I have tried v since the last post and the same problems exist with it as well.

Submitting a support request is another exercise in futility. I submitted a couple of support requests over a month ago, regarding the installation issue and the fact that none of the monitors would stay enabled. Haven’t heard a single word from anyone. Save your time. Users of Comodo firewall are simply beta testers.


I have looked through our support system, and used your forum email address to try and locate the tickets.
However, I have found no tickets.

Did you use a different email address when you raised the tickets?
If so please PM that email address to me so that I can locate the tickets.