Comodo not remembering answers to \Device alerts with a : in it

Any Comodo alert regarding a device which has a semicolon in it (for example, /Device/C: or /Device/F:) will not be remembered properly. Clean install of Windows 7 x64 with latest non-beta version of CIS. Proactive security mode, no AV.

Any allow or deny answer is remembered, however it is remembered multiple times and alerts still pop up despite this. Some applications have 10 or more entires of /Device/C: in their blocked section, under Computer Security Policy, yet I am still prompted for additional alerts. Sometimes I will be prompted for alerts by the same application multiple times in a row for access to the exact same device. If I leave the “Remember this answer” box checked I will continue to be prompted by additional alerts as many times as I click the allow or deny button. If I uncheck the remember this answer box, I can allow or deny the alert and will not be prompted again for a short time.

Any thoughts?