comodo not playing flash games?

ppapi is enabled internet explorer runs fine but comodo doesnt x.x

windows vista 64 bit os
4 gig ram
512 mb nvidea 9600m gs graphics card
dual core 2 cpu 2.8 ghz

Can you please disable “Hardware Accelaration” in settings?

just tried it doesnt help

here is a list of extensions on the browser

Can you please give me the link of the game that you play? I want to try it on my machine.

By the way, you can remve the following extensions on Dragon, some of them discontinued and not working well… and remember too many extension can slow down your browser.

  • Comodo Media Downloader
  • PrivDOg
  • Comodo Sharing Page service
  • Drag & Drop

On the other hand, please enable “Adsanitizer” it will block ads in the pages, please be sure that “Block all advertisement” option enabled!

is the link for the game

Ooo. it is a Facebook game. Actually, I cannot help on this matter because I have no Facebook account sorry :-
I will inform a moderator about your problem.

Hi Guys,
It could be a return of the Facebook bug in the link below.
Videos stopped playing on facebook [Merged]

Note: I haven’t merged the topics as the original issue appears to have been corrected.

Kind regards.