Comodo - nice. do i really need it ?

Hey Guys,
have been trying out comodo for the last 6months on and off.However, im wondering if i need it, since my own home network is behind a Cyberguard SG300 firewall/vpn (thanks to work for the freebie…) and Speedtouch530 adsl router?.Any advice?.

Nigel. ;D


Now It all depends on your need.

For me Application behavior is very important. I want to know which of my applications are trying to connect to the internet. CFP provides the ability monitor these. But using hardware firewalls you cannot do this, as far as I know.

And since it’s a very light fw and the fact that it’s free I dont see why you should not use it.

If the constant pop ups are your concern,

  1. they will reduce with time
  2. You can reduce the num by setting alert level to low.

Protection is never too much, when you log in to the Wild Wild West