Comodo Network Center is now released and available for download!


We are proud to announce the public release of Comodo Network Center. In order to make systems management easier, we now offer a tool that will help save time and secure your data. Some features we think you’ll like are:

  • Centralized multi-system deployment
  • Customized system cloning/replication
  • Remotely managed backups and restores
  • Bare-metal, “no media required” recovery
  • A web-based management console
  • Comodo Cloud online storage integration

To find out more (and get your free copy), check out the new CNC web site at:

For those of you who tried beta versions, we’ve made a notable change:
Rather than just installing a bare OS, CNC now lets you clone and customize existing PC snapshots to quickly deploy complete systems.

On behalf of the CNC development team, I’d like to thank you for your interest and hope you find CNC as useful as I do.

Louis Heibert
CNC Product Manager

Congrats on the release

great work guys!
lets what our users think about this product.

It’s not something I can make use of this moment so I can’t test this but congratulations on this release.

i have a question
this is the next level of comodo time machine? or CTM is deactivate to update?

this is for businesses who want to manage their computers. its a business product.

CNC would definitely be a good addition to CESM

Anyone know whats going on with this excellent product? Is it still in development or is it dead?

There is one company that needs this type of product to manage 100 PCs.

COMODO? Melih? Product Manager? Anyone?