Comodo Network Center Alternative

Hello All,

I was wondering if any of you has any helpful information about an Alternative for Comodo Network Center?

Comodo Network Center looks very promising.
However its in BETA and apparently its not under “heavy” development. Cant seem to have an answer from COMODO to see if there is an estimated date for a release, besides it still needs to mature a lot.

Do any of you know any GOOD alternative to such type of product, that might be open source and/or paid?


Hi w-e-v,

The only one that I can think of, but have never used it personally and maybe much more complex than CNC ( which I hope would still be developed ) is

Dont know if its good but it looks like an alternative

Altiris Deployment Solution powered by Symantec

Key Features
Mass-deploy hardware-independent images of a reference system to new and existing systems using Symantec Ghost technology
Migrate to the latest Windows version- move user data, personality settings, OS and application settings to the new operating system
Configure each system based on standardized criteria, such as job function, user type, or location
Supports deployment of heterogeneous client and server operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris
Supports heterogeneous OS deployment, including Windows and Linux, on client and server machines
Easily create jobs and tasks that automate deployment and migration functions including imaging, scripted OS installations, configurations, and software deployments
Supports industry standards hardware management capabilities such as Intel vPro, PXE, and Wake on LAN technologies
Role-and-scope-based security secures management features from unauthorized personnel
Supports WinPE and Linux pre-boot environments
Integrated with many Symantec products already built on the Symantec Management Platform, including Altiris products, security, backup and recovery, virtualization, data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment, and more

Key Benefits

Reduces costs associated with OS migration, deployment, and provisioning desktops, laptops, and servers throughout the organization
Reduces costs associated with OS migration, deployment, and provisioning desktops, laptops, and servers throughout the organization
Saves time and reduces human error over traditional PC deployments
Reduces end-user downtime by automating the OS deployment process
Increases IT efficiency through automated, repeatable deployment tasks
Provides tools for zero-touch OS migrations, to reduce costs associated with moving to a new operating system</blockquote>


Been having a look round and came across and this one Tivoli from IBM, but that maybe geared more towards larger organizations.

Thank you friends. I will take a look at those options. Thanks again for the time and answers. :slight_smile: