Comodo Network Center Alpha release


I’m glad to present new version of CNC. It still Alpha, no multiuser support, but there is a lot of changed from previous build.

What is in this new version:

New CNC Installer. Install where ever you want. Doesn’t bound to C:\CNC anymore.
OS Installation for NT6 32/64 and NT5, including repartition during installation.
Online Backup(Snapshots)/Restore: (Disk, Partitions, Folder & Files) for NT6
Scheduled Installs.
Several important fixes in OS Distribution kit management,
Computer&Network configuration management (discover all, actions to hosts)

Know issues of the version:

Backup/Restore -NT5
Restore of system partition

Please download and try new version. Looking forward for your feedback.

good work guys!

So what does everyone think about this?


I am looking forward to test it out when I have my new machine; it looks cool and interesting

Sounds good, but rather an ambitious project to release at this stage of development. I may not have seen it, but are you including a ‘ghosting’ facility - either within CNC or another package??

Congratulations with the release. (:CLP)

Windows 7 x64.
I cannot get CNC to start.
The buttons have no function when I click on them.

[attachment deleted by admin]

After a reboot, this seems to be running. However, double-clicking CNC, I am presented with a login screen (web-based) that I don’t have username/password to test this.


for first login, please use user: cnc; password cnc. You can change password later using CNC user interface.

Thank you for being interested in the project.
In two weeks we will have site with demo videos about CNC usage. Hope it will be very useful to start using CNC.

Thank you, Vlad. Something else I noticed: The installer creates a user account in Windows 7 called ‘Installer’. Password protected, also.

John Buchanan,
There is a solution for your probelm to start tftpd32 and tomcat services from the CNC Control panel.
You should try launching CNC as Administrator. In this case you would be allowed to start services.
I hope it will help.

okay this is my first post in CNC… so i would like to ask is this software similar to team viewer?? what is CNC exactly ??