Comodo Network Center Alpha release

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I would like to announce a new product – Comodo Network Center.

Comodo Network Center is an application which brings simplicity of web application to office computers and networks management routines. It is intended for small and medium business users to manage their computers using web browser. With help of CNC user is able in several clicks install OS, take a backup or perform data restoration on remote computer without accessing this computer directly.

CNC requires no additional hardware and can be installed on machine under Windows Seven or Windows Server 2008 in your environment.

At the moment we are releasing Alpha version of CNC in a hope of getting user feedback, which help us to improve CNC to fulfil your needs. We are working hard and will update the CNC version frequently for now to make it stable and useful.

For now CNC is able to:

  • Install MS Windows Vista, Seven, Windows 2008 (32bit and 64bit). Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (32bit).
  • Backup and Restore partitions to CNC server folder.

In future we plan to:

  • Extend backup and restore
  • [li]Store files (not only partitions).[/li]
  • [li]Add more backup destinations (http upload, Comodo Online Storage, etc).[/li]
  • Manage programs and system updates on remote computers
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • System Rescue

At first stage CNC provides remote OS Installation, Snapshot/Restore capabilities. At the second stage will plan to make CNC provides system rescue, assets and application inventory management capabilities.

We will provide tutorials for easy start shortly. For now please note:
Target PCs which will be managed must have BIOS – “Boot On LAN” option first in sequence of boot priorities. Then you should specify boot from your local drive.
Also, CNC uses DHCP server to manage you local area network, so if you already have DHCP on your network you must to decide either configure your DHCP to point on CNC server as TFTP (typically it can be done by setting - “next server” DHCP option). CNC shows initial configuration wizard at first login to help you with this configuration.

The major limitation is that CNC for now single user system. You can use only cnc user with same password to log-in. We have user management part in CNC almost ready, but not tested enough. So we will fix this in nearest update.

Please note:

You can download install package from following link.

[i]note: Beta corner is only available to registered forum members.[/i]

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