comodo needs to be here

I just read this and comodo needs to be here with the big boys.

Melih get CIS in there.

I done the post for it as well… Did you done it before me? LOL!

Good idea. That’s how Comodo need to get it’s name out. I’m still find it hard to believe that many ppl have no idea what Comodo is. Why?

Yes, Comodo definitely needs to be there.

Not all softwares featured are free, right? And they dont mention for what period they are free, they should mention this.

They all free that’s the point… All valid for 6 months apart from MSE…

comodo really needs to be there :-TU

This is apparently a ‘quid pro quo’ deal.
Does Comodo have a “URL blacklist” to give to FB?
Would “many ppl” who “have no idea what Comodo is” choose to install it ahead of one of the “big boys”?
Interesting… :-\