Comodo & MSN Messenger

Hi folks, I’ve had Comodo installed for a couple of months and it just refuses to allow me to surf the net without being signed in to MSN messenger.

A popup asks permission at every click on the net. I tick the box and click for Comodo to learn my action but it wont.

I’ve added MSN to the list of whatever it is… clicked this and checked that… I’m lost.

I can’t even find the place for checking how often alerts are shown, as per another thread’s sugestion here.

An email to Comodo resulted in a reply to join the forum… :THNK… but I really do not have the time to spare to search through hundreds of messages to find a solution.

So I would really appreciate it if some one can point me in the right direction… man! I’d even marry you and have your babies… LOL


hello :slight_smile: i have msn messenger 7.5 i doint use it but i have to have it for my isp msn :slight_smile: but have you tryed to open messenger at the top click on tools then click on options and general and uncheck automatically run messenger when i log on to windows and uncheck allow auto sign in when connected to the internet :slight_smile: maby that will help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply… ;D msn already set that way tho… it’s a puzzlement…

No replies from Comodo staff? or do they never come here? :THNK


Sorry you’re having so much trouble. If you don’t mind, help me understand exactly what the issue is.

It sounds like when you’re trying to browse the internet (with your browser application), you get a popup alert from CFP about MSN Messenger (is it “Live”?) trying to connect to the internet.

Is this correct?

If so, are you wanting to stop MSNM from connecting? Do you use the application?

I am confident we can resolve your issue, but it will help us to focus in on exactly what is needed.



So what do YOU think happened, perhaps she got pregnant??? Since no reply, since forever…:slight_smile: Just j/k anyway :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: