Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) V1.2.19539.4 is released.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so glad to announce that Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) V1.2.19539.4 is released. If you have installed CMS, pls just feel free to update to the latest version. In this version, we added Remote Capture for Anti-Theft feature and made some improvement & bug fixed.

What’s NEW?

Remote Capture is added for Anti-theft feature, which allows users to take a photo from their missing or stolen device remotely and receive it at their email address.

What’s improved?

  • Enhanced the virus data base to cover latest malware;
  • Fixed bugs in Call/SMS Blocking feature;
  • Improved Anti-theft to support SIM-less Phones.

We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS on Android Market!

Product/download webpage:

size: 1.88 MB (1,978,322 bytes)
md5: 0a805e11545b853716ad387066bcb723
sha1: 00fdf4906142c524a7c9097a3117fb71d45fc12c

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Does it take pictures with frontal camera?

Hi, morphiusz,

My dearest friend, yes, both frontal camera & backward camera work and frontal camera has priority. :slight_smile:

Best regards.


Great solution :-TU Although configuration for very beginning users may be a little bit problematic. I hope you will attach direct instructions for the most popular e-mail services(like Gmail, hotmail etc.) at Comodo help website (which port, what to type…).

excellent work guys!

sweet ;D Thank you

Thank you Fanny.
When will additional reported bugs be resolved and additional requested features be added?

Hi, John, we are working on some of the bugs. The health check bug will be fixed in next version (maybe release in next week with new features). We are also working on some of the requested features but it will take time for them to be released.

Thank you very much.

why is it not mentioned that if you select settings to be protected by app protector that you will then be prompted for a password when you try and uninstall cms in cms’s software manager? that’s the best improvement by far. now thieves can’t uninstall cms from cms itself

Hi, trscsaeg, actually what you observed is always there since CMS has been released. But in our latest version, we do not allow users to uninstall CMS from our software manager. Pleaes using auto update or mannual update to our latest version v1.2.19660.5. Thank you very much.

Hi, everyone,

since the version v1.2.19539.4 is released, we noticed that some users were suffering from the bug that blocks ringtone. Now the bug has been fixed. Please (auto or manually) update to our lastest version v1.2.19660.5.

The following changes are made:

  • Enhanced the virus data base to cover latest malware;
  • Fixed bug that blocked ringtone;
  • Excluded CMS from software manager;

Thank you very much. We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS.

Best Regards,

Thanks, I had the ringtone bug affect me, I will have to wait to see if it now works.

Hello I am the FIRST to raised the SMS BLOCKING Feature via MARKET and FB.
CMS “SMS Blocking Feature” is not working if u r using a “GO LUNCHER SMS” and the UPDATE is NOT working to fix that Bugs!

Android Phones are:

                         SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE (Gingerbread)
                         SAMSUNG YOUNG

(:TNG) (:TNG) (:TNG)
(:TNG) (:TNG) (:TNG)
(:TNG) (:TNG) (:TNG)

Hi, HUAWEI_OPTIX, we have noticed this problem and we are finding solutions on it.
Thank you very much.

Thanks! (:WAV)

Any way, CMS rocks our Android Phone now and hoping to fix those bugs so that we can used that GO SMS Application again.

:rocks: :rocks: :rocks:
:rocks: :rocks: :rocks:
:rocks: :rocks: :rocks:

Thanxx for fixing bugs but plzz try to test it well before releasing it.

I know its kinda tough but just a suggestion as I luv Comodo & its softwares.

Believe me, CMS gets very hard testing before releasing it. Comodo is a serious company, but unknown bugs may occur…

just curious what kind of test does cms go through or any comodo product for that matter

I don’t know, but assuming that CMS is not tested before releasing is just a disrespect for the developers…

What is SMTP server and how do I set it up and know which port to use?