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Könnt ihr auch mal über meine Übersetzungen von CMS drüber schauen das wäre super von euch und wenn ihr was finden solltet dann bitte korrigiert das

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Dear All,

We need to update translation files for CMS family of products: Antivirus, App Lock, Anti-Theft, Backup and the ‘service’ file called ‘comodolib’. The developers would like to receive these updates by/before:
18 December 2015 - App Lock.
25 December 2105 - Antivirus (ComodoMobileSecurity), Anti-Theft, Backup and ‘comodolib’.

New English files and the current translation files are available at Crowdin website.

Crowdin is a translation management platform which CMS product/program managers are strongly encouraging you to work with. This platform is supposed to make the processes related to translation easy and transparent, it includes both translation process itself and integration of the ready translations into the builds. One of the features convenient for translators is so-called Translation Memory ™ which offers translation hints based on the strings already translated in other projects like CIS or CMS v.2.

There are 2 ways to update files/strings:
a) update strings using Crowdin web interface (this enables you to use Tm feature). This option is the preferred one;
b) update strings by downloading the current translation files from Crowdin and uploading them back when updated;
c) update strings by downloading the current translation files from Crowdin and posting them them in this Forum thread. While I could upload these files to Crowdin.

Today, you will receive e-mail invitation to join Crowdin and participate in the above mentioned projects. You will need to register there, I’d suggest to use your current forum nicknames.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Alex Suvak


Here are the Links to Corwdin projects (Comodo Mobile Security):

App Lock:


Back Up:

comodolib file:


Bitte mal alles checken solltet ihr da was finden dann bitte einmal korrigieren und macht alles fertig

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