Comodo Mobile Security 3.0 Release

YES! Currently Anti Theft and Backup only avaliable for Mobile! We will suport other platforms upcoming releases.

Now I understand why I can not install it on a tablet. It is waiting for when it will be possible to install them.

Does comodo mobile security has real time protection on browsing?

if someone knows please let me know thank you!

It would be good if there will be products for Windows Phone!

-Our UI compatiable for tablet but we will have fully integration on upcoming releases.
-Secure Browsing feature will be avaliable next release.


А куда вы подевали фаервол? O_O

We will support firewall upcoming releases.


А как скоро вы планируете его обратно включить?

I could not give you exact date but our team working on it.


А он будет представлен отдельным продуктом? Ради вашего фаервола (да и COMODO в целом) я рутировал (ROOT) свой смартфон. Ему по-прежнему нужен будет root-доступ?
Я так понял что вы целиком и полностью решили перейти на “модульную систему”, чтобы пользователи не загружали ненужные компоненты?

please use english only in this part of the forum


Сами напросились…
And it will be represented by a separate product? For the sake of your firewall (and COMODO as a whole), I rutiroval (ROOT) smartphone. He still needs to be root-access?
I understand that you are entirely decided to move to the “modular system”, so that users do not load unnecessary components?

Hopefully, you will not provide all-in-one suite by default. Right?

I have CMS installed on my wife’s android phone but have just taken delivery of a Microsoft Lumia 940 iphone. Does CMs support this phone or is it just for Android users?.

CMS is just for Android phones.
It will not support Microsoft

Thanks John, any recommendations for MSN’s phone system?.

From Google Play I understood that Mobile Security already includes the other 3 features. Is it correct or did I misunderstand?

You can find download link on CMS for this 3 product but all are stand alone product.


If so, how can you explain what’s written in the description of CMS on Google Play ???

Advanced malware protection for your mobile device
Mobile Security
Real-time protection against viruses
Find and protect lost device
App Lock
Lock and unlock apps easily
Keep your data safe

It looks like all these features are on CMS, but actually you have to download them separately… I think it’s quite misleading…

Thanks for your feedback.
So we would like to give detailed information to user once they donwload what kind of features they could use Even it is different stand alone but all features avaliable and they can reached trough CMS.