Comodo Miniport[RESOLVED]

I uninstalled Comodo Firewall v3 but I have noticed that in Device Manager under Network Adapters there is a device called “Comodo Firewall Miniport #2”. I have disabled it but the problem is that it won’t uninstall. I’ve even tried in Safe Mode but to no avail. Does anyone know of a way to remove it?

Thank you


There are several posts in this thread starting from this link below one of the suggestion might work for you.

Thanks Dennis2, but I can not find anything related to my problem going through your link.


Here’s the link that describes the solution to your issue:;msg160490#msg160490

Caution: since I have not encountered your problem, I have not tried this fix. Use at your own risk.

Good luck.

Thanks USSS, that did the trick, miniport is history!

Great! Kudos to forum member “bazald” for providing the solution.

I guess we can close this thread, with the option to re-open it via PM to one of the moderators.