Comodo Memory Guardian ver is now available (Download here)

Hi Everyone

Here is an improved version of CMG :slight_smile:

XP 64 bit

XP 32 bit

Vista 64 bit

Vista 32 bit


Nice :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I heard somewhere that this version solves the issue with CMG together with CBOClean, and CBOClean hangs then 88)

Greetz, Red.


Please tell us whats new in this New and Improved version of CMG :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay mates, I can’t check forum at night (due to other time zone) :slight_smile:
So this version solve various uncompatibilities with some products:

  • Solved MiniGW Terminal issue
  • Solved BitDefender issue (CMG should not protect pages with _EXECUTE attribute, though BitDefender fixed their misstake almost in 2 or 3 updates after CMG alert)
  • Solved bug with memory unprotecting on free
  • Dynamic dll loadin’ so CMG now eats a bit less memory
  • Some cosmetic fixups

P.S. This version doesn’t solve BOClean issue, this issue will be fixed in the next BOClean version.

Before you posted this I decided to install this new version hoping it would work with BOClean. Amazingly, since I installed it several hours ago there are still no problems with BOClean. Unlike the previous times I have tried CMG my BOClean memory usage is as normal and everything works well. I will keep an eye on it over the next few days to see if this changes but I think it may be ok as previously the high memory usage with BOClean appeared immediately after CMG installation.


That’s because this issue is like walkin’ on the edge, sometimes one little push cause this hang to occure

I like walking on the edge but I always use a safety rope! ;D

Installed the new version on 2 XPSP2 pc’s. So far so good, BOClean is still behaving normally - no CPU hogs …

That’s great!Thanks (B)

I loaded on Vista Business x64 and had problems with very high CPU load, so i uninstalled it. Saw and loaded it. No apparent problems, all seemed well. After reboot got system file mismatch, windows software protection, code 0xc004d401. Functionality very limited. In MS KB931699 it says possible cause “A program that is incompatible with Windows Vista is installed”. Uninstalled CMG and all OK.

Just wondering… Is there an ETA for when CMG will be a final version?

I have also gotten that “file mismatch error” also with MG and Vista 32 bit. Please fix ASAP! I can’t use MG.

If it’s not final, it doesn’t say beta here. Tyler?

Says Beta right there for XP and Vista. So i’m assuming it is still Beta?

Guess it is, i didn’t look at the link (embarrassing).
Maybe i’ll give it a go, it seems to be stable enough.

BUT, the standard warning isn’t present here for a beta. You can’t be too careful with these things, even though i’m sure the installer warns at some point.

I’ve been using it for awhile and have found it to be very stable. Haven’t found any issues with it yet :slight_smile: (B)

checked this program today, i’m using cfp 3 and cfp detects de botest program, so i guess in a way cfp’s already for some of the problems that cmg guards you from… Am i right?

I am afraid I can’t give you a direct answer, Tyler can :wink: But what I do know is that CMG will be added in CFP 3 very soon :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.