Comodo Memory Guardian Beta v1.0.1.5 Bug Reports [Closed]

Please report bugs for Comodo Memory Guardian Beta v1.0.1.5 in this thread. Also tell which operating system you are using!


Ok, first report:

I intended to start the interface by clicking the shortcut, when CMG was already running. Got the same error as with the previous beta;

Can not create LPC port CMG is allready running ?

(yep, a little misspelled)

Starting from tray icon works though.

(XP 32 bit)


Windows XP Pro.

Still elevates memory usage for BOClean (BOCore at just over 2000k instead of the usual 1000k) and strangely, for the brief time I tried it, it reduced my CFP 2.4 memory usage to 5000k from its usual 16000k. I uninstalled whilst trying some other stuff out but I will try it again soon. I will also try it on my home XP system.

Also, the uninstall left a registry entry that only hijack this found, CCleaner and RegCleaner missed it.


CMG adds 64Kb memory + additional memory for some windows’ dlls for each process started, I thinks this is not too much :slight_smile:
This “error” just shows that you can’t start two copies of CMG per user.

Cmg seems to be incompatable with Boclean and it locks Boclean up.

I have the same problem ( again ). After a lot of reinstallings of CBOClean I couln’t solve it this time. So I set my startup manager not to start CMG on booting up, and now, withought CMG running, CBOClean does fine. Tomorrow I will see what happens if I start CMG manualy after booting up.

Greetz, Red.

I wonder if Automatic cleaning of hosts file could have something to do with the lock ups for Boclean and I’m testing that out to see if that causes the problems.

CMG latest beta seems to lock BOclean 4.25 with the green calibration icon on and CPU usage of BOC425.exe between 50% and 95% forever. Have to terminate BOC425.exe to stop problem. This happens on both of my PCs at home. Tried uninstalling and installing both BOclean 4.25 and CMG with no other anti-virus or anti malware programms running and also in safe mode. This problem happens randomly.

My system: XP Home SP2, Node 32 Anti-malware, Superantispyware (on demand scan only), BOclean 4.25, CMG Beta, Comodo V2.4 on one PC and V3 Beta on the other PC.

All virus, malware, and OS with the latest updates. When I uninstalled CMG the problem is gone and boclean works great. So…for now I have to keep CMG off of my two PCs. What CMG is supposed to do sounds great, but it doesn’t seem to play with the other children ( BOclean ) very well…

Two memory scanners/monitors running together ???

PS… I also used the exclusion files/folder options on Node32, BOclean, and CMG… didn’t help.

Personaly I think it is more a problem of CBOClean than of CMG, because Kevin told us somewhere that the “freeze” of BOClean happened before with earlier versions of NS BOClean. I hope the Comodo Team can figure it out :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I had the same problem with CBOC freezing so I uninstalled all of my Comodo applications, as I have done quite a bit of beta testing, and used RegSeeker to find all registry entries that had Comodo listed and manually deleted all of them. Once I had cleaned all of the old entries out and reinstalled CMG, CBOC, and CFP3 again I have not had any problems with CBOC freezing up.

Before, I could not go 15 minutes before CBOC would freeze and I’m sure it was from CMG because if CMG wasn’t installed then I had no trouble.

They are playing nice once again and I have had this notebook on 3 large networks in the last 2 weeks with no problems whatsoever. Once I setup CFP3 for the each network it just ran without problems.


Small cosmetic type bug - application window reports version, but “About” button reports V1.1BETA.

Ewen :slight_smile:

CMG is not a memory scanner, all it adds to BoClean process is few instructions per API… I don’t really think that the problem is CMG… Try to uninstall BOClean, CMG works in that case ? :slight_smile: I’ll solve this as soon as possible anyway, thanks for your feedback.

I guess I’m lucky not to notice any problem with CBOClean 4.25 and CMG beta together?!


I’m lucky too :slight_smile: and all our local BOClean team are lucky… I’m w8n’ for Kevin’s answer…

Okay, I installed CMG last Thursday, when it came out. Have had no problems until today (Monday). This morning, just as others have experienced, BOC can’t seem to go 15 minutes before locking up with a green screen on the icon. Will uninstall, clean registry and reinstall here in a bit to see if that helps.

So if this is a conflict between BOC and CMG, it would seem to take some time to “build up” to a certain level before causing problems.


Today when I first tried to start CMG it immediately freezed CBOClean. So I tried :

  • uninstalling COBClean and CMG
  • reboot
  • cleaning up the registery with CCleaner
  • shutting every realtime protection software off
  • installing CBOClean
  • reboot
  • again shutting every realtime protection software off
  • installing CMG
  • reboot

And it went wrong again after about 10 minutes just surfing :-\

I already spend several hours of trying and trying the last 2 days. Although I beleve it is a CBOClean problem ( There are severeal topics in in the CBOClean forum part of CBOClean freezing. ) I decided the best for me now is to stop using CMG untill the Comodo Team comes with a solution for this problem.

Greetz, Red.

Still problems on my pc also: the problem with BOClean does seem to be gradual. Initially memory usage for BOCore is its usual 1000k, then when I check it after half an hour it has risen to 2000k and the icon is flashing green for longer periods than normal.


Tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow, I will try the whole deinstall/install procedure in safe mode. Or you guys must have other/better ideas :-\ I don’t want to give up >:(

Greetz, Red.

Safe Mode was my thought as well. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Oh, and registry cleaning in between.

It just seems odd to me that it takes a while for it to build to critical mass; that has to be significant, methinks.


Been trying again, safe mode, uninstall BOC first, various combinations of removing security apps and then installing CMG. Install CMG then everything else.

No matter what way I try it, once I install CMG I still end up with BOCore using over double the memory it normally uses.