Comodo Memory Firewall

I have an ASUS A8He w/ Windows XP Home Edition OS. I have sucessfully installed Comodo Memory Firewall on my notebook computer but when I opened the programs, a message appeared on the lower left of the program display saying that “driver not installed, please re-install the program.”

Does someone know how to resolve this problem?

You got two options.

Or you exit Memory Firewall when your start your session and restart it again. Not quite there, uh? (:LGH)

Or you may disbale Memory Firewall autostart in preferences and create a task in windows task scheduler for Memory Firewall to automatically start when you boot the system. It will work nice!

DarkFly - Usually exiting the application and re-starting it seems to temporarily resolve this issue.

Note: Comodo Safe Surf is the same technology and a little more stable. It comes with CPF / CIS. Once you install it with CPF or CIS you can actually remove the toolbar element by going to Add/Remove programs and uninstalling the “Ask Toolbar” and you’ll still be protected.


Yes, I know, but after next reboot, you still have to do that. If you disable Memory Firewall’s autostart and create a task with Tasks Scheduler, then it will always boot fine. :slight_smile: But as you said, and well, there is SafeSurf, which does the same. At least, the one that comes bundled with CIS.