Comodo Memory Firewall

Is the Comodo Memory Firewall still being updated or has development been discontinued ? Just curious.

I think that the CMF in its form we know today has not a long existence because I think the technology will be incorporated in future products of Comodo like the firewall, the security suite and there has been a renewed version in the form of the trust toolbar…

But what the real plans are… I guess only the staff and the mods can answer that question for you…

Thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

hey… no problem! it wasn’t much actually but hopefully enough (:WIN)

any update to this since the date of last post?

All I know is CMF is going to be integrated into Comodo Internet Security in the future (I think as soon as all the bugs are fixed in CIS which is a higher priority.)

thanks. i just installed cis and was hoping that i didn’t need cmf any more. guess i’ll keep it on for now :slight_smile:

It sounds like CMF will become discontinued?

I don’t think so it has been stated in the past that all free standing apps will not change.