Comodo Memory firewall detected a false buffer overflow attack?

Ok I was downloading Adobe reader from firefox 3.0.4 during the download process Comodo memory firewall detected a buffer overflow attack coming from adobe reader, the first time it did it I told the memory firewall to kill the application, it did.
I thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried downloading it again and the same thing happened, it detected a buffer overflow attack but this time I allowed it to continue, comodo memory firewall refused to let Adobe Reader from firefox open, it closed Firefox.
Then I opened up my internet explorer, went to the download site, no problem I downloaded it and the memory firewall didn’t react.
How come it did this?
Here is a screen shot.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I had the same thing happen trying to download Adobe Reader 9. Memory Firewall alarms on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Isn’t this a known issue?